Student Experience

Your gift to the Forging Futures campaign will allow FSU to continue offering experiential learning opportunities to students beyond the classroom.

Five areas of concentration include:

Leadership Development:

Coordinate additional conferences and training in leadership to better prepare students for the challenges of an increasingly competitive job market.

Professional Development:

Offer more opportunities for students to polish their personal and professional abilities and graduate with the needed skill sets to join their desired workforces.

Undergraduate Research:

Provide new and ongoing program-specific research opportunities in the health sciences, computer science, construction management, engineering, technology and IT game design, giving students an advantage in complex and competitive industries.

Study Abroad:

Continue to give the world to FSU students with study abroad opportunities. Student minds are broadened when they see and experience the world. FSU’s global partnerships with international universities and exchange programs allow students to return to campus with fresh perspectives and memories that last them a lifetime.


Athletics play an important role in building school spirit and providing opportunities. Student athletes gather valuable life lessons in health, teamwork and self-discipline that will last a lifetime. Your gift to Forging Futures provides scholarships to aspiring student athletes and allows renovations and upgrades to our facilities, which are not supported by tuition or state funds. Encourage our student athletes by attending FSU games and matches and cheering on the Bobcats.

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